2016 Goals Update – February “My Pet Vice”

Hello, my name is Ben and I have a problem.

I alluded to this little problem in last month’s update.

I get distracted very, very easily.

I have a problem taking on too many projects – and all of them are of the “High Priority, Awesome, I need to do them right now!” variety.

I’m a bit of a “yes man” and that gets me in trouble as well.

I thought I would help keep myself in check by ONLY focusing on writing this year but, alas, my brain doesn’t work that way.

Several weeks ago I read an article on the ViperChill blog regarding side projects that got me totally sidetracked.

Somehow I ended up thinking that it would be the best use of my time to start working on another website (actually 3 websites but only of them is ready to talk about) instead of writing.

I succumbed to my pet vice, shiny object syndrome, again.


Sufficed to say, I’m not on-track any longer. Not even close really.

I think that I’ll be able to recover later in the year – after a few things settle down (the all-too-familiar song of the optimistic procrastinator).

Most of this past month I focused on something else – something that I think will help other authors quite a bit. Something that I wish I would have found a few months ago when I started writing (I’ll talk more about it in an upcoming post).

But it wasn’t on MY fiction so it was technically a failure.

With that intro I’m sure you’re expecting great things from my February update!  Ha ha.

So here it is.


In order to stay on track for February I would have had to produce 30K words and average 1100 words per day – that is, IF I would have stayed on track for January!

Since January blew apart I technically had a deficit to make up which means I would have had to have written 49K words in February in order to catch up.

That’s only 1,700 words per day, every day. Not impossible but seemingly improbable given my current pace.

I’ve decided that I’ll just focus on meeting my monthly goals and publishing only 4 fiction books… but it’s going to be VERY HARD all the same (fortunately I came into the year with almost two drafts so I have a bit of a head start)!

Here’s where I ended up for February:

  • What I needed to write – 30,685
  • Goal Average – 1,100 words per day
  • What I actually wrote – 6,240
  • Actual average – 260 words per day – 😥

Both in February and this month I have actually been writing a ton but none of it counts toward my book writing goals. I have written a few hundred descriptions for my author resource directory but those aren’t books so they don’t count in this update… bummer.

The good news is that I found a new person to fill the vacancy at my work so I’m once again managing a full team. I’m back to writing again most mornings when I come into work so my word count should pick up.

Let’s see if I can stay on track for March!

Here’s to your success – with all the ups and downs.

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