2016 Goals Update – January “Rolling the Rock Uphill”

EDIT (3/7/16) If any of you have come to my author website in the past 2 months you might be wondering where I went. I set out this treacherous gauntlet, my BHAGs for 2016, and then I disappeared.

At least that’s how it probably appears.

Actually life happened and I worked as hard as I could to keep to my 1100 words per day goal – and in order to try to come remotely close to that goal I had to sacrifice somewhere – so blog posts got the axe.

Now I’m going to play a little catch-up and give you my January and February updates.

On to the update!

January Update:

In January I needed to write just under 34,000 words to be able to stay on track. In order to pull this off I would have to have written an average of 1100 words per day. I only came in at about ½ of that (actually less).

What happened?

First, for those who don’t quite know me, my schedule is pretty full (I know, everyone is busy!) I work full time, I run a couple of very small businesses, I’m trying to write books (both fiction and non-fiction) and I have a niche marketing/consulting firm that consists of about three full time clients (and growing).

At my full time job (you know, the one that pays ALL my bills) I manage a small team of three people. We handle quite a bit of work in our little department so it’s important that we’re all working and fairly focused or we fall behind.

Well, at the end of January one of my team members stopped showing up. They were calling in (texting in) each day for a week. There was still hope that they might return… until one night at about 10pm I get a text saying “I just can’t do it anymore, sorry.”

I guess that means they quit.

During January I spent an uncommon amount of my time doing their job and interviewing replacements. As such, when I was at work I had a hard time not working on work stuff – even though I was still coming in early in order to do my writing, I found myself actually just doing work to make sure it got done. So that got in the way.

Overall, I wasn’t too upset by the fact that I was only about ½ productive as I wanted since really ½ is better than nothing. I still wrote around 15K words on my book Take the Gun!

  • What I needed to write – 34,000
  • Goal Average – 1,100 words per day
  • What I actually wrote – 14,745
  • Actual average – 476 words per day

Let’s see if I can improve for next month (spoiler… I don’t think I’ll do much better, something shiny flew past!)

Here’s to your success!

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