About RE Benjamin

They call me Ben.

I’m a Husband, Father, Cyclist, Journalist, Business Owner, Author and Lover of Green Chile.

Ben is not really my name however.  That’s only part of my last name.  My full name is Richard Erin Benjamin.

I never felt like a Richard.  I’m certainly not a Ricky.  And I’m only sometimes a Dick.  So I don’t go by my first name.

I’m a man.  But my middle name is spelled with an “E”.  That’s all thanks to my father who, in the joy and excitement of the moment that we call “my birth”, forgot that Aaron for a boy is spelled differently than Erin for a girl.

So I don’t go by my middle name either.

Most people just call me Ben.  It’s part of my last name, it’s pretty simple to remember and, frankly, I’m used to it at this point.

Growing up I would sign “RE Benjamin” whenever a signature was required.  Every so often I would forget and sign “Ben” – so, when I turned 19 I decided that I was going to change my name.

That started a very interesting adventure in journalism, publishing, business ownership and many other fantastical stories that I now use in my writing.

On September 5th, 2015 I decided I wanted to become an author of more than just blog posts and editorials.  I’m currently writing a series of books and they will all be done by January 1st, 2016. Follow me on my journey here and on Facebook.

My name is Ben.  I’m a Paranoid Fiction Author.  I’ve got a few stories for you.