The First Post of My Personal Blog – RE Benjamin

It is always so difficult to come up with the first post on a blog.

By this point I’ve created, and still maintain, over 15 websites. These websites vary in scope, size, readership, money (revenue & profit) and purpose. But that doesn’t make the first post any less daunting.

I’m trying to be a writer for crying out loud – why would I get such anxiety from a post?

Here’s why: Because now it’s real.

I’m putting myself for both of my readers (probably just you and me mom!) and potentially anyone else who stumbles onto this blank white page.  So it makes it real and I have to follow through.

Does that really matter that much?  Not really.  But if I want it to mean anything then I have to pretend like thousands of people will see this post and the others to come and will judge me on what I write, how often I write and whether or not I do what I say I’m going to do.

So here it is.  I’m going to become an author.

Will I be a famous author or even a “mildly known” author?  Who knows.

Maybe there will be 100 more people next year that know the name RE Benjamin.  That would be cool.

What I do know is that I’ve thought about writing “a book” for about 10 years now and over the Labor Day weekend this past year (2015) I decided that I wasn’t getting any younger.  So I sat down and wrote the first 3000 words of my book series.

Everyday since then I have been able to average over 2000 words.  If I keep at this then I should have book 1 of my series done by the middle of October (maybe sooner).  I’m going to do it (hopefully not my famous last words).

Anyway, I’m putting it out there now for everyone and my mom.

I’m an author.  Whaddayaknow!?!

Author: Ben

They call me Ben. I'm a Husband, Father, Cyclist, Business Owner, Author and Lover of Green Chile - Just to name a few.

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